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Sea Materials and niche tasks

Niche tasks require special skills, skills we have refined through years of experience and know-how. With our own vessels we dredge the best sea materials and deliver directly to the customer or to one of our many sites.

Beach nourishment

Our sea materials are used for beach nourishment. When adding extra sand, sea gravel or like on the coast/beach, it is possible to compensate for the lost sediment caused by waves and currents. This stops or reduces the coast from retreating.
Our sand materials for beach nourishment are normally recovered on deep water.

Building- and construction tasks

In addition to delivering quality materials for coastal security and beach nourishment tasks, we deliver materials to large parts of the construction industry. We produce and supply, for example, large quantities of drainage / filter gravel, which, with increasing weather fluctuationms, is essential for many building- and construction tasks.

In addition, we are a major supplier of sea stones for the concrete industry. The stones has the advantage of being rounded and therefor less water-consuming. This provides easier processing and a saving on the cement.

Bunkersand and topdressing for golf courses

As one of our recent focus areas are special products for golf courses and we deliver to several golf courses around Denmark. Specifically, our bunkersand and top dressing provides renewed quality and life to the grass and joy of playing. Our materials are fast draining and the rounded grains give a soft sand to bump and the sand does not form a crust in the surface after rain.